Global Festival of the Arts

November 13, 2022
South America
On Saturday (November 13th) World Consciousness Alliance hosted the first annual Global Festival Of The Arts (Opening Our Hearts to South America) Charity Benefit Concert in Sedona, Arizona. The live Arts event was in support of ACT Foundation and it’s partner Nexos Comunitarios (in Peru) in raising funds for at-risk Indigenous communities in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador.

The event was a culmination of months of preparations from volunteers worldwide from ACT Foundation (USA /Peru /Brazil /Ecuador /Colombia / Slovenia / Croatia), members of WCA, Nexos Comunitarios, friends of Mohanji Foundation in Cusco Peru and local recruits from Sedona.

Every single volunteer contributed a Unique flavor into the mix of the event which was a display of the highest in human refinement through the Art forms of song, dance, sonic healing, musicianship and storytelling.

Indigenous Elders and members from several Native American Nations were in attendance, participating or representing the North as ambassadors for this first event on their Traditional Sacred Land in support of the event, it’s causes and their Indigenous relatives of Amazonia. The message of peace, unity, interconnectedness and the celebration of human refinement through the arts and Spirit was evident to all who were present. The conscious raising event was in alignment with focusing on bridge building in relationship to one another, to those in need and in the caretaking of Mother Earth, Pachamama and all of her species. The event’s powerful presence and purpose brought the experience of a deep honoring of others with Respect, humility, and Service on behalf of All Beings for All. The (4) live performers; Kristin Hoffmann, Anne Pesata, Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Creations Dance Company and Ehren Kee Natay brought such powerful performances to the stage filled with immense light, presence, gratitude and healing. Throughout the 3 hour program, the beautifully curated contributions from South American Artists; Mallku Aribalo (Traditional Andean Shaman Opening Ceremony/Peru), Daniel Namkhay (Argentina/Brazil), Nidia Gongora (Colombia), Aklea Neon and Alanna Golden (Brazil/ Peru) representing the South blended beautifully with the reality of the short documentary of the Yawanawa Tribe from the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil. Havasupi elder, Uqualla, gave a local live blessing and Introduction as the closest Elder native to the land from the Grand Canyon.

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